Final Digital Project Proposal

I plan to create an interactive fiction game for my final project. The game’s narrative will either focus on the narrative of erasure. The narrative will either portray the life of person growing up with a disability, the life of a child being bullied at school, or other lives that are oppressed. The story will hopefully bring attention to the difficultly others may encounter on an everyday basis throughout their lives

The purpose of this project is to narrate a simple story using animation. The audience of this piece is everyone since everyone encounters people without knowing what they go through. This will hopefully bring awareness to the hardship of other and share the message that everyone should be treated with kindness and respect.

I can see many risks that are possible with this project. I will be coding this project in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript using the JavaScript libraries jQuery. I have coded some games before but they were written in a different language. Since I have no experience with jQuery and relatively new to JavaScript I am likely to run into issues I will not know how to resolve which will hindering progress of the game. There is also the possibility that I will run out of time and not be able to finish coding this project within the month allotted. The reward of completing this game will be bringing awareness to some forgotten people. Through this game the viewer will get to walk in another person’s shoes and by experiencing some hardship they will hopefully gain some respect for their peers.

I will be using Code Academy to get the basics of jQuery and refresh my JavaScript skills. I will also be using Photoshop to create the sprites and background frames. The schedule will be difficult and tight since I am currently working on my big software engineering project. Due to my workload I am likely to use the entire month to create this game.

The outline of the upcoming weeks will be as followed:

March 27th: Learning jQuery and refreshing JavaScript

April 3rd: Setting up website on DoOO and framework of site

April 10th: Begin coding game, testing, and create artwork

April 17th: Continue coding game and testing

April 24th: Finish coding game, testing, and final touches

The game will be considered successful if the narrative is interesting to the audience and the code works with little to no bugs. The game will be considered unsuccessful if there is zero working code.