Why Learn to Code?

Learning to code is becoming very important in today society. As the use of technology is on rise the need for people who can code also rises. More and more jobs are requiring their employees to know how to code to some extent. Another reason to learn to code is that learning this new skill allows for the ability to create and be more creative in your professional or daily life. Lastly, coding is also a fun skill that can be incorporated into any field imaginable. This allows for a lot of flexibility when determining how to use code.

Why I am learning to code? I am learning because I think it is fun. It also helps that it opens more job opportunities later on. Learning this new skill allows me to continually add to my resume each time I learn a new language. I believe that learning code is important if you want to be able to create something for yourself. With code you can create new works of arts such as games and apps. I am pursuing computer science because I want to eventually be able to program complex application that can be used online. I am also fascinated by the amount of everyday procedures involving some snippet of code. Personally I like to code databases, websites, and games the most.

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